Proto 1


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Reckless Experimentation Audio LLC

Eurorack Proto 1 Breadboard Module

Have and idea for a module and need to prototype it? Then this is for you!

This module contains a 400 point breadboard, mounted to a laser cut Delrin face plate.

Includes are Four 1/8” mono jacks, and a 100K single turn potentiometer.

These components have four inch 24 AWG leads that can reach any position on the breadboard.

Standard 10 pin power connector mounted to top of breadboard provides a -12V, +12V, and 2 Ground rails. Breadboard marked with red paint to signify power cable orientation.

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See what is does here

and here

and even here

includes 140 piece jumper kit.

Width: 10 hp

Depth 2.25 inches

What's in the Bag?

Completely assembled module

Jumper Kit

12 inch 10 pin unpolarized power cable

Four M2.5 screws

Four M3 screws