ILDA Eurorack interface module


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The ILDA interface Eurorack module

This module connects Eurorack a synthesizer to a ILDA compatible laser projector. CV inputs for horizontal X and vertical Y position, as well as Red Green and Blue to control the laser color. The bottom row of knobs control the influence of the CV voltage. The upper row of knobs allow for a DC offset. The top most knob controls the overall scale of the projected pattern. Switches above the X and Y inputs allow for inverting of the signal. The interlock and shutter switches enable or disable the output of the laser projector.

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DB25 cable not included.

Width 16 hp
Depth 25mm
Power +12V 30ma
             -12V 30ma
             +5V 0ma

Included are four M3 screws, four M2.5 screws, and a 12” 16pin to 10pin power cable