Eurorack Panel Lights RGB Set


RGB Eurorack panel lights set. Four light modes and one control module. Put on a light show or just see what you are doing, this module set is sure to brighten up any rack.

Nine operation modes to choose from.(1) both switches down: illumination mode, B Knob makes white light on all LEDs, jacks and other pots ignored. (2) left switch down, right switch middle: illumination mode, knobs control their individual colors, jacks ignored. (3) left switch down, right switch up: illumination mode, pots & jacks control individual colors. (4) left switch middle, right switch down: chase mode 1. (5) both switches middle: chase mode 2 sin chase. (6) left switch middle, right switch up: chase mode 3, add chase. (7) left switch up, right switch down, bar mode one. (8) left switch up, right switch middle: bar mode 2, peaks (9) both switches up: teaser mode, puts on a show without any user inputs.

Light modes are connected to power though a standard Eurorack power cable. Control is provided by included patch cables that connect to the back side of the modules. Control connects from the ‘out’ jack of one module to the ‘in’ jack of the next. Starting with the control module, the 4 light modules are connected in this way.

Warning: Wiring the control connection incorrectly can cause damage to the LEDs.

What is in the box?

One control module.

Four light modules

Four patch cables.

Five 12 inch power cables

Ten 2.5mm screws

Ten 3mm screws

Ten washers

One sticker

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