Kit for Drum Button Eurorack Module


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Kit for the The ‘Drum Button’ 8 Channel Percussion Sequencer

Complete module available here

Assembly video:

The Drum Button is an eight channel sequencer for triggering percussion sound modules, and to provide a clock source for other synth voices.

Pressing the arcade style button triggers an output on the selected channel, and adds that trigger to the sequence for that channel. With 16 lights you might think the sequence is only 16 steps long, it is actually 256 steps, so if you think of each light as a hole note, the sequence is actually quantized to the 16th note

The currently active channel is selected with the left Potentiometer, when the Potentiometer is turned, the lights will momentary change form displaying the position in the sequence to displaying the current channel.

Tempo is control by the middle Potentiometer, this Potentiometer along with the speed input, control how fast the sequence plays. By rotating this Potentiometer all the way counter clockwise, the sequence can be halted.

The Potentiometer on the right is the bank selection Potentiometer. The banks is displayed on the lights similar to the channel selection, with the lights temporally displaying the currently selected bank, before going back to displaying the sequence position.

Banks are independent sequences for all eight channels, on power up, banks 1 though 4 are empty, banks 5 though 8 have preset sequences to get started with. These preset sequences can be added to or cleared just like the empty banks.

Which brings us to the clear button, this button clears all triggers on the currently selected channel on the currently selected bank. By pressing and holding the clear button and pressing the fill button, all the triggers on the currently selected bank are erased.

The hold button stops the sequence form advancing as long is it is depressed. The clock output from the Tempo Out connection continues during a hold. Tempo Out produces 64 pulses per sequence cycle.

The fill button overrides the sequence on the currently selected channel, and outputs a trigger on that channel every quarter note. The fill isn’t added to the sequence, and the sequence resumes normally once the button is released.

Width 9 hp

Depth 70mm

Power +12V 40ma

-12V 0ma

+5V 0ma

Included are four M3 screws, and four M2.5 screws,

Four black nylon washers

12” 16pin to 10pin power cable