High Hats Eurorack Percussion Module


Need some to add some synth cymbal sounds to your percussion section?

Don't want a lot of complicated controls?

Then this module is for you.

The module contains two identical independent percussion sound generating circuits. Circuits are turned to produce sounds similar to a synth hi-hat cymbal. Based on a self excited Bridged-T Filter, with digital white noise and metal tones. Takes 5 millisecond trigger pulse and outputs a percussion sound.

Two control knobs D and M D controls the duration of the release of the generated sound, adjustable from a quick tap to a long roll off. M controls the mix of white noise and metal tones. 100 percent of either white noise or metal,or any mix in between can be made.

What's in the Bag?

Complete 100% tested module

12 inch 10 pin unpolarized power cable

Two M2.5 screws

Two M3 screws

2 black nylon washers

Input impedance 100K ohm

Output impedance less then 1K ohm

Compatible with both 5V and 12V trigger pulses with an output impedance of 1K ohm.

Current consumption: +12V 25mA, -12V 15mA

compatible with +-15V systems.

Module is polarity protected.

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