Eurorack Power Strip, with optional underside LEDs


16 Position Eurorack Power Strip. -12V, GND, +12V, and +5V feed in on the right end. On the left end are connections for the CV and Trigger distribution. The power strips are mounted with six included number 4 wood screws and stand offs. Power is filtered with on board 1000uf capacitors on all three power rails. Presence of power is indicated by 3 LEDs mounted near the capacitors.

So what is the gimmick with these power strips? By selecting the “With Underside LEDs” option, there are LEDs mounted to the underside of the power strip. These are controlled by a switch that connects to the left end of the strip by the CV and Trigger connections. With these LEDS on indirect red lighting is provided to allow for easier connection of modules in low light environments.

Of course for those of you that don’t want the LEDs (beside those for power presence indication) Just select one of the options without them.