Clock Cutter


The Clock Cutter, a variable clock divider Eurorack module

This module takes a clock input signal and divides it down from a ratio of 1:1 ratio to a ratio of 1:99 or anything in between. All across 8 individually settable outputs. All setting are saved, and restored on power up.

Rotating the encoder selects which channel you want to change the clock divider. Pressing down on the encoder and rotating changes the clock divider.

Pressing shift and rotating the encoder changes the gate length. The default is a 50% duty cycle, but the can be varied with the limits being, at least one input clock cycle needs to be on, and one clock input cycle needs to be off.

Pressing the encoder and shift, than rotating the encoder changes the offset. Think of this as a delay to the count shifting output later in time without changing the duty cycle or the clock divider.

The reset button and input reset all the divider counts on all the channels to zero. If shift is pressed with reset, only the count on the current selected channel is set to zero.

Additional feature: if the shift button is held down on power up. The screen is inverted allowing for the module to be mounted upside down, this setting is saved and the module will power up inverted until the next time the shift button is held down on power up, where normal non-inverted operation is restored.

Width 6 hp
Depth 40mm
Power +12V 50ma or 5V 50ma jumper set
             -12V 0ma

Included are four M3 screws, four M2.5 screws, and a 12” 16pin power cable