YM3812 Synthesizer


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Reckless Experimentation Audio LLC

YM3812 Synthesizer

This device is based on the YM3812 FM synthesizer chip, and its companion the YM3014 digital to analog converter. It is a Eurorack module for use with a MIDI keyboard or controller, mounted in a laser cut plywood enclosure. It comes with a 12V power supply and provides mono line-out audio. Just plug in your MIDI keyboard and your ready to make sound.

The YM3812 has nine voices with 2 operators per voice that can be configured in either an FM or AM modulation.

Now with version 3.0 firmware: Pitch bend support, sustain pedal support, note velocity can be enabled, settings can be loaded with a control change 0 command.

The 9 voices of the YM3812 are all configured to the same MIDI channel and settings for maximum polyphony with a midi keyboard. Percussion mode is disabled.

Configuration is saved to non volatile memory. Saved settings are loaded on power-up.

Watch this module in action here.

All sound generating parameters in the YM3812 are editable. 22 instruments settings can be saved into non volatile memory. Several fully editable instruments come per programed. Such as “Synth”, “Piano”, “Galaxy”, ”Flute”, “Stings”, “8Bit”

Connects with a standard 5 pin MIDI cable. MIDI Through connection provided to cascade multiple MIDI devices. Cables not included.

Audio out is provided though a 1/8” Mono jack. Output impedance less than 1000 ohms.

Module can be unmounted from its enclosure and used with standard Eurorack mounting systems.

Eurorack Stats:

Width: 17 hp

Depth 1.3 inches

Power consumption: 40mA @ 12V

0mA @ -12V.

Polarity protected.

Compatible with +-15V systems.

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