Eurorack YM3812 Module V2


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Reckless Experimentation Audio LLC

Eurorack YM3812 V2 Synthesizer Module

This module is based on the YM3812 FM synthesizer chip, and its companion the YM3014 digital to analog converter. This module is optimized for use with standard eurorack CV and Gate controls. Six voices plus 5 percussion sounds are available for simultaneous audio generation. The YM3812 voices each have 2 operators per voice that can be configured for either an FM or AM modulation.

Now with version 3.0 Firmware. New features with this firmware:

CV control now optional for all voices, tone can be manually set allowing for gate only control.

Optional CV control of percussion sounds. CV inputs for voices 4,5, and 6 can be remapped to control the tone of the bass drum, snare drum, and tom drum respectively.

Sound test, manually trigger a voice or percussion sound without a gate input. Works with both CV and manually set tone.

The edit menu has been reorganized to allow for direct editing of individual percussion sounds.

Watch this module in action here:

Configuration is saved to non volatile memory. Along with the last saved or loaded instrument settings for each voice. Saved settings are loaded on power-up.

All sound generating parameters in the YM3812 are editable. 22 instruments setting can be saved into non-volatile memory, and loaded into one or more of the six voices. Settings for the percussion sounds are saved as a single block for all five sounds, there are 6 non-volatile memory slots available for these settings. Several fully editable instruments come per programed. Such as “Synth”, “Piano”, “Galaxy”, ”Flute”, “Strings”, “8Bit” and “Drums”.. The parameters of “AM Depth” and Vibrato Depth” effect all the voices and are saved separately form the instruments.

Each voice is controlled by a 0-5V CV signal and a 5V gate input. The CV is continuously sampled for each voice allowing for pitch changes during the gated part of a note and during the release. CV can be disabled for any voice, allows for a manually set tone to be produced.

Audio out is provided though a 1/8” Mono jack. Output impedance less than 1000 ohms.

CV inputs are zener diode protected to the zero to five volt range.

Width: 17 hp

Depth 1.3 inches

Power consumption: 40mA @ 12V

10mA @ -12V.

Polarity protected.

Compatible with +-15V systems.

What's in the Bag?

Complete 100% tested module


12 inch 10 pin unpolarized power cable

Four M2.5 screws

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Four M3 screws

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