Algebra VCA


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Algebra 8 Channel Voltage Controlled Amplifier Eurorack Module

By Reckless Experimentation Audio LLC

You can't have enough VCAs. But having eight more will definitely be helpful.

Each VCA has 5 inputs. Input X2 is subtracted for X1, and Y2 is subtracted for Y1. The results of these subtractions are multiplied together and divided by 10. The Z input is added to this value and output at the jack labeled W. All inputs are by polar, and any unused input are tied to zero volts.

This might seem complex, bit it allows for a great depth of CV and audio manipulation.

A short video on how it works:

Width 16 hp

Depth 25mm

Power +12V 40ma

-12V 40ma

+5V 0ma

Included are four M3 screws, and four M2.5 screws,

Four black nylon washers

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12” 16pin to 10pin power cable